Alerts created for a report could not trigger despite a clear fall in pageview

arun_kumarb3836 10-05-2019

I have created an anomaly rule for a website with has PageViews > Anamoly is below expected >99.9% threshold.

with this set up i was expecting that any dip in my site traffic will be reported. Which din't happen. Everyday the site was getting a PagViews of more than 1 Lakh which came down to 9000 in one fine day and in subsequent days it went further below.

Can any body help me on that. Where could be the possible error?

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would do it the same way. either the lookback is wrong (which might be) or the alert doesn't work!

what I would do

1) setup an additional alert with a higher threshold so you get more alerts. this way you can check if alert fires or not

2) setup a workspace table with exact the same conditions (segment and metric as column head) and breakdown by days. can you see any anomalities (watch cells if anomality detection shows any alerts for single days)

3) check if you have enabled "anomality detection" in your permissions. might be a reason why you won't get any alerts...


if you open the alert again, what do you see in the preview picture (alerts for the past)?

maybe you can send a screenshot of the alert so we can have a closer look at your settings...