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Hello everyone,

my system of alerts has apparently ceased to function. I even crated new hourly-based fake alert with very low threshold (theoretically I should receive one alert mail per hour! for each of them!, as the intelligent alert preview shows...), but I have been receiving nothing.

Any help?

Thanks in advance,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Francesco,

Able to see that Alert setup is perfect. If you didn't receive the mail, below are the only options:

1. You are keying invalid email address.

2. Or your network is blocking external mails from Adobe.

Check with your system admin team and make sure that your security compliance is allowing external mails from Adobe. If no issues with network or mail address keying, escalate it to Adobe Experience Cloud Customer Care <>

Thank You!


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Answers (4)



ok this is a bit of a mystery looks like it should work. Are you sure you have it in right report suite? Can you double check page views per hour to confirm you are actually seeing 30k or more an hour? Double check email addresses are formatted correctly. Maybe delete all of them but one... then try.

I just noticed you had email addresses in recipients... Mine I refere to adobe users(the email addresess are not part of user name but associated.) Maybe thats what is tripping you up, its firing the wrong address... Check to ensure you match users to user login name.



Thanks ,

indeed it seems that my company's network is blocking mails from Omniture. I've added some private mails as well as cell numbers to the recipients... and they received the alerts correctly.