Alert Issues - "Analyze Further" link in email not working



Our company recently transitioned to the Cloud. After doing so, the "Analyze Further" link in alert emails stopped working. Instead of going to a report to "analyze further," the link leads to the opening screen (logged in) that we see every time we go to Adobe. This is a blank grey screen with black bar at the top. We have to click on the "matrix" style button on the top right for the menu of Adobe products to drop down. I then select Adobe Analytics and it takes me to our home page in Analytics. No alert analysis.

Further, when I go to manage alerts, then click on an alert I just got an alert email and text about, it says that alert would have triggered 0 times in the last 30 days. ??

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

This definitely seems like something that would be more apt for customer care to troubleshoot. If you're able to provide the agent with the specific detail like login company, user name, and attach a copy of the email with the link that's working incorrectly, the agent will be able to troubleshoot further.