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Hello everyone, 

I am extremely new to Adobe analytics and have a question for the community?

Can I track website revenue data in Adobe analytics and link this to Google AdWords? In AdWords I want to see how my campaigns are performing, this is something that I usually do using Google Analytics 

Thanks in advance 

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I have seen other request this, through Data Connector integration for Adwords, but it was not possible.

I am not sure if there can be a custom solution built around for this. Maybe someone else has been successful.


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I have built my own solution - a Java application that downloads data from AdWords API and uploads it to Adobe DataSources FTP on daily basis. I am using custom tracking codes (cid parameter, not gclid auto-tagging) and it's possible to import these metrics - Impressions, Clicks, Costs and Avg. position. Also I use SAINT Classifications to upload AdWords Campaign Name + Ad Group Name at the same time to another Adobe FTP.


It is also possible to achieve the same with auto-tagging (?gclid=) but it's more complicated. Since you pay Adobe for each row in your DataSources import I would not recommend it, because GCLID is unique for each click and there would be too many rows in each import.




Hi, But why some low search volume keywords are worth more? We are trying to understand this. Some keywords have 10 searches per month and $5 ppc. It's confusing for our hairdresser promotion.


Ullane Salon



Hi there,

1) Make sure that your campaign parameter is unique for each Ad within AdWords. The best way to achieve this is to use ValueTrack dynamic parameter {creative} -

2) Pull daily data via API using Ad Performance Report Ad Performance Report  |  AdWords API  |  Google Developers

- Field CreativeFinalUrls is very important -  you need to extract campaign parameter from this and replace {creative} placeholder with the actual ID

3) Import Impressions, Clicks and Costs using Adobe Data Sources FTP.. campaign parameter eVar is Key

- you can import all Ads even if there was no click-through (only impressions).. Adobe will create the eVar value for that day

4) Import AdWords dimensions (whatever you want) as SAINT Classification via FTP to the same eVar

This is the simple description of the process. I will create a blog post about it in the future.

- Roman



I wonder if there is some way to connect both sets of data meaningfully together? Can I view Adwords campaigns in Adobe Analytics? Even if the links are tagged automatically?