advertising analytics within adobe analytics - s_kwcid



Hi everyone,

I'm looking to activate advertising analytics within adobe analytics to track paid search from google adwords and being.

Is it the best way to do it? Or should I use DFA data connector?

Assuming I'll use advertising analytics:

1. where does the s_kwcid get recorded in adobe? is it a particular evar? Can this string be passed into the marketing channels rules as well the same way I do with the cid (this is the query string parameter I use for the tracking now)?

2. google and bing have got different query string parameter (see below). How can they coexist within the same report?

s_kwcid=AL!<Advertising Analytics ID>!3!{creative}!{matchtype}!{placement}!{network}!{product_partition_id}!{keyword}

s_kwcid=AL!<Advertising Analytics ID>!10!{AdId}!{OrderItemId}



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