adobe workspace rolling fiscal month as metric headers for dashboard



I need a monthly fiscal range from the 22nd of the previous month to the 21st of the current month that shows up in the Time Section right below the metrics section in Adobe Workspace.

Many thanks in advance.

David C

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Accepted Solutions (1)




i first tried with a custom date range, the closest i could do is the following:


this time range will take you close to the desired time range, but doesn't work for some month:

feb/march due to the number of days in february

jul/aug due to the 2 month in row with 31 days

a workaround could be the following: create a segment and use it either in each project or in a virtual report suite:


basically you create a hit segment which only counts hits for the desired days of lost month and those from this month. if your project has a time range of "last 60 days" and you add this semgent to the header, you will only have the desired hits:


the problem is, that this only works if you use it in the last days of a month, not in the first days of a new month. but you could use this for sending reports out to business every 22nd of each month ...

i hope someone else finds the right solution

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