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hey need help with adobe training videos I alway referred this link for video and now for some reason its not work 

can you guys help me with any other link.

thank you in advance  

Answers (4)

Answers (4)




Thank you for your kind reply,  I am mainly looking for all the video which was available on this  this was really helpful for out team to learn the tools. I understand you guys removed all the video which are out dated. It will great if you can help me with those video.

thank you in advance 


Community Manager


Hi Vittal,

If you go to this page:  as Amit mentioned, you will a subset of the original videos from eTV. The rest of the videos can be accessed, for free, by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the "explore now" button. You'll be asked to sign in with an Adobe ID and you will be able to search find the rest of the content from eTV PLUS some of the new content we recently developed. We did remove a small set of videos from eTV that were really out of date or were incorrect. If we did remove a video that you really need but that may have been out of date I can try and find it for you and provide. 

If you are facing any issues do let us know here.