Adobe Omniture, not all tracking codes are tracking



Hello All,

I was first made aware of this problem several months ago. Apparently not all of the tracking codes are tracking correctly if they are tracking at all. For example, I have the shortened link: which expanded is '

According to this link, I should see ca:lenovosocial:lbkifr in the list of tracking codes. I do not. Why?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, as this has been an ongoing problem, and no one knows what do do about it.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Robert,

The URL parameter CID is not set correctly. It should have been appended to the URL using a '&', however, it was done using '?'

Here is the URL broken up in parts by different parameters






The first parameter in the URL should start with '?', after that each parameter needs to be separated by '&'

You can also check from the console


You can see that the CID value is not being treated as a separate parameter but a part of the previous parameter 'elqCampaignID'

Now try changing the second '?' in the URL to '&', and you should be able to track it correctly

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