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Hi Folks,

I just migrated about 90 users to Adobe Experience Cloud. At the same time I took the time to re-structure how access to all of our tools, report suites, dimensions and metrics are assigned.

1) I assigned product profiles for each of our analytics tools (Report Builder, Ad Hoc, Reports & Analytics etc.)

2) Then I created User Groups for each of the teams that need Adobe Analytics access.

3) I assigned the appropriate product profiles to each user group.

4) I added all of the appropriate users to each user group.

Now in my head, I've done everything right and deserve a pat on the back for accomplishing this over the weekend so none of my users would be disturbed during work hours.

In reality, apparently I've done something wrong.

1) Some users are seeing an "access denied" error and are unable to login even though I have quadruple confirmed their "user group" has access to the right tools etc.

2) Other users no longer see all of the Reports & Analytics "Reports" that they are used to seeing via the menu (one report per dimension Page, sp1, sp2, etc). Instead they see some generic list with essentially nothing of meaning.

So what have I done wrong? The structure that I've created is sound, all the right users belong to the right groups. All of the proper access are assigned to the proper user groups via product profiles.

I'm stumped. And I don't look forward to having people come to me and tell me their account isn't working...


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Accepted Solutions (1)





You followed to process correctly, I would confirm with the users that are having issues logging in what url they are using to login.

They should now be using the url

If this is still a problem message me and I can take a look at the users and provide some further guidance.

Steven Hofheins | Analytics Support Consultant

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Answers (2)



So I've sorted this all out.

Regarding Problem #1, most of those people just had to work through the welcome email and that was that.

Regarding Problem #2 of not having access to dimensions and metrics:

Product Profiles that are granting access to dimensions and metrics NEED TO HAVE report suites built in to the same product profile.

You cannot separate them into individual access profiles as I was attempting to do. I am not sure if this is intended by Adobe or documented anywhere.

My intention was to be able to assign a user group:

  • 1 Report Suite specific Product Profile
  • 1 Tool specific Product Profile
  • 1 Dimensions + Metrics Product Profile

This would have allowed me to be extremely modular in how I set up any group. The way Adobe is forcing us to have report suites, metrics and dimensions in one single product profile limits how I would ideally organize all of these folks.

I got it working anyhow, but the end users access level based on their product profiles is not truly "additive" or "sum of the parts" type access like Adobe tells you it is. This is unfortunate and I hope they update it. They probably had good intentions trying to prevent you from giving someone access to dimensions and metrics without report suite access, but I think they have to trust us to know what we are doing.

At the user level if someone has access to things, but no report suites sure give me an indicator or whatever, but don't limit me in how I want to structure the product profiles.