[Adobe Launch] Do I need unique Direct Calls per digitalData.event push that I want to track?

adilk 23-05-2019


Our Adobe Analytics page tracking is done based on a direct call that occurs [Direct call = adobeDirect]. This leads to a digitalData JS object that contains page level sProps. The implementation is being managed from Adobe Launch.

For other events that I want to track such as Clicks on Page Menus, Form Submissions, can I manage this by having a single Direct Call for both these type of events and using digitalData.event object to populate the values based on interaction?

Right now, I have a common direct call called adobeDirectEvent. Do I need to separate this out ?

OR in my rules, I need to add conditions to the Direct Call?


Direct Call = adobeDirectEvent


%Page Menu% matches Regex .*

Can anyone help with this?


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Hi Adilk,

There really isn't a right or wrong way to do this.  Personally I would have a unique rule per direct call event.  Mostly for organization purposes to make sure that when this event happens i can quickly see exactly what launch will do.  But, you can combine in a single rule, but it just gets more complicated.  There isn't necessarily a right or wrong answer just whichever way you would prefer to do it.