Adobe Launch and Datafeed



We are in the process of implementing Adobe Launch (Tag management system, we used to add tag manually in website.) and together with Data feed to build on-premise data warehouse.

I found an article that describes data column in data feed. I'd like to know if we implement Adobe Launch, are these Columns changed? We need to build ETL rules to load into data warehouse. This is to confirm we don't duplicate effort if column names (structure) will change.

Additionally, from the same link, there are some columns stating [Custom], what does this mean?

Clickstream Data Column Reference


Please if any, let me know any best practice on implementing these two projects together.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Launch is simply the platform you use to host Adobe Analytics to send image requests. Ultimately the data will still get in Adobe Analytics, which use the data feed columns in the doc you linked to.

Based on your explanation, I do not see any duplication of efforts taking place.