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I've currently got two very annoying bugs and no way to submit a ticket to Adobe, so although this wasn't the first go to place for bugs I hope this way the problem can be tackled. The two issues are:

  • The share button (for workspace, segments and calculated metrics) should give a popup once clicked on, but this doesn't happen. Other buttons like tag do work
  • Second problem within a workspace is that I can only save reports which are mine, not others. This should not be the case since i'm a level 1 admin for our organisation and i have identical access rights to other business administrators within our team

I've tried to fix it by looking at: autorization, cache clears and using a different browser (chrome incl. incognito window & edge), but the problems persist.


Next i've tried to contact Adobe through the submit support ticket functionality, which gives an error. I've asked someone else to try it and it worked for them.


Thanks in advance for any tips/help!


Dennis Klein

Digital analyst PostNL



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Accepted Solutions (1)




This looks to be specific to your browser, have you tried any other browser? If yes and if you still face this issue, you can always submit a ticket with clientcare by sending an email to /

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