Adobe Console Acess Issue



Hi Guys,

I am providing Adobe admin console access to one user.

I have added the user (User-> Add User), after giving Email and Name, Next part will be assign product. I have assign the Profile needed for access Admin console.

(i.e Report and Analytics Access, Analysis WorkSpace Access, current data user). But user still see the error after he try login.(You seems to donot have access to adobe admin console). 

I have checked the profile permission too. I don't think anything missing.

Can anyone suggest what can be the possible reason?

URL: Admin Console

Issue stays same while adding different user too.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)





You can add admin by following these steps:

Go to admin console > users > Administrators > Add Admin


Go to admin console > users > Users > Add Users > Adminstrative Rights > ***

These are few ways to add users as admin or add admin rights in user profile:  

System Administrator - To manage the entire admin console and assign other administrators.

Product Administrator - To manage a product and their users entitlements to that particular product.

Product Profile Administrator - To manage assigned product profile, which is a custom grouping of the product.

User Group Administrator - To own a user group and manage the user access rights.