Adobe classification importer: Some columns are not getting uploaded



I am trying to upload data using classification importer. I have 40+ columns in the data and more than 8 files to be imported.

I am facing the issue of certain columns not working correctly after import. I observed for column 41 onwards the data is not getting uploaded correctly. While till column 40 everything seems to be working perfectly.

How is it possible for same files, columns till 40 seems to work fine and 41 onwards don't. Is there a way around to accommodate more than 40 columns for the classification importer.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Dhiraj,

Not sure how Columns till 40 did work for you! Ha ha.

Because Adobe recommends that you limit the number of import and export columns to 30. Check out the link : Classification data files

Guess you can upload the classification twice if you have more than 30 columns, pretty not sure since never tried.

Thank You!


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Limiting the number of columns to 30 is just a recommendation, however there shouldn't be any issues while uploading >30 columns.

As you have mentioned that there are 8+ files to be imported, are you trying to upload next file before the old file has finished processing? If multiple files are uploaded for the same variable and report suite, the old file stops processing in favor of the new one. If uploading classifications using multiple files, wait for confirmation that existing files have finished processing before uploading new ones.