Adobe Campaign Parameters

mahmoud_Alshala 11-09-2017

Hi team

I have question regarding Adobe Campaign tracking in Adobe Analytics tool. I have defined in DTM multiple s.campaign as the following

s.campaign = _satellite.getVar("cid")||_satellite.getVar("accessLink")||satellite.getVar("partner")||_satellite.getVar("accessCode");

I have SAINT rules to capture all values, all values are for all campaign IDs are listed under "Tracking code" and also classified in different categories.

My question is how can I differentiate between each one of those campaign IDs? in other words, how can I tell which value is coming from campaign "cid" vs "accessCode"?

Thank you!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


without seeing the difference of the values, there might be no option to get the desired information. only way would be to classify the single codes (if you candifferentiate them)

possible solutions are

- add a unique string before each code, eg "cid|..." or "ac|...." the use saint on this

- add all values to the trackingcode (might get too long...)

- pass all values to different props

- pass only the key to a prop (eg. "cid", "accesscode"...)

Answers (4)

Answers (4)


Processing rule is to only modified incoming data coming from your website. So yes you could modify the values as they come in.

However processing rules won't impact historical, which classification and classification rule builder can.

mahmoud_Alshala 27-09-2017

I talked to Adobe support as I already have hundreds of values out there and it's too much of a time consuming to change those values.

They suggested to use "Processing Rule" which available in the Admin menu > select the report suite > general > processing rule to do a mass update for all CID values as an example


I would believe that you must have a specific syntax that you use in house to differentiate a code that you would use as a cid or partner or accessCode.

If you know what is the syntax and can identify a common part for lets partner then you could use Classification rule builder to create rules based on regex formulas to classify each tracking code into its relevant category automatically.