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. I want to integrate Adobe Campaign reports in analytics. I can see an option under report suite >edit settings>Adobe Campaign> Adobe Campaign Reporting. I guess this option is to enable campaign reporting in Adobe Analytics but I don't find any detailed documentation on steps needed to enable this integration. Any help on this will be much appreciated.


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I want to add to my previous reply, since the feature is now active and in use by multiple client.

The Campaign Reporting (not Data connectors) is only available for ACS to AA integration. For Campaign Classic instances, Data connector integration would still be required.

There are differences in the data that is sent through the ACS integration versus the ACC integration.

here are documents regarding the ACS integration:

Adobe Campaign Help | About Campaign-Analytics integration

Adobe Campaign Help | Campaign dimensions and metrics in Analytics

Adobe Campaign Help | Configure Campaign-Analytics integration

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Answers (5)




Hi Andrey,

  • The campaign Reporting that is available in the manager, is currently not in use. I believe this is going to be used in the future for the Adobe Campaign integrations with AA. Enabling the setting, simply enables a reserved variable which shows up in reporting menu. The data Connector integration still works for now on the custom variables.
  • I am not sure if the Delivery ID is the same as Campaign ID. I tried reading up on this, but still not clear. If you are referring to Campaign IDs, they are gathered through the email links clicks landing on the website.
  • The data (metrics and classification) can be pushed as many times you would like to from the Campaign workflow in a day. There are no restrictions. The integrations works on API. And that can be sent as many times as needed.
  • As for the latency, the metrics are inserted via Data Sources API. Which in general has latency in minutes. For larger data, the SLA is 17 hours. The classification data will have a greater latency. The approximate time is 24 ~ 48 hours. There is no SLA for Classification.

Hope this helps.




Hi Hyder,

It seems you were referring to the integration method that requires a setup through Adobe Analytics Data Connector. Rajeev's question was about the menu item available through Report Suite Manager. I presume these two options may be independent from each other.

The Adobe Campaign Reporting capability consists of two configuration steps:

1. Activation (enablement)

2. Classification setup


The reporting in AA looks as follows:


As I understand the Adobe Campaign Reporting adds the Adobe Campaign Delivery ID report to Adobe Analytics as well as Adobe Campaign specific metrics shown in the third screenshot.

Could you please clarify the following questions:

  • Is the Adobe Campaign Reporting an independent integration option (does not have any relation to the integration built via Data Connector)?
  • How are the Delivery ID values uploaded to Adobe Analytics (how often, what is the latency)?
  • How are the Adobe Campaign metrics uploaded to Adobe Analytics (how often, what is the latency)?
  • Is the Classification for the Delivery ID uploaded automatically or should be maintained by the client?



Hi Hyder,
We have completed the integration of Campaign Classic and Analytics using data connector.


However we still cant see any data in report suite in Adobe Campaign folder or in custom events.






Hi Rajeev,

You can find some details here from the Analytics side (Data Connectors):

You will need to go to Admin > Data Connectors > Add New. Setup an integration with Neolane (old name of Adobe Campaign)

From what I understand, you need to setup an external account from the Adobe Campaign. Not sure about this entirely.