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Hi All,

Desperately trying to extract data from Analytics via API, replicating reporting that I was able to do in the DataWarehouse area of the application.

I'm able to connect and make a request using the DataWarehouse.Request API, following documentation here analytics-1.4-apis/ at master · AdobeDocs/analytics-1.4-apis · GitHub ). However, among other problems I'm finding that the parameters I'm trying to pass to the Breakdown_List argument are coming back as invalid.

First, the call for this parameter using the 1.4 site gives this response:


    "error": "Not Implemented",

    "error_description": "Please use the 1.3 api version",

    "error_uri": ""


Then using gives errors...

For example, although a call to ReportSuite.GetAvailableElements returns:

        "id": "entrypage",

        "name": "Entry Page",

        "correlation": false,

        "subrelation": true

If I try to use either "entrypage" or "Entry Page" as an element in the Breakdown_list, I get this response:


    "errors": [

        "Invalid Breakdown in Breakdown_List."



And if I use visitor_id as an element, the call works -- even though "visitor_id" is not documented as a valid element.

Can anyone help with a "dictionary" or documentation of valid metrics & breakdowns; and any correspondence between what they're called in the API call?

Is this not the right call, or is this method not actually supported in v1.4?

If anyone can recommend a better approach to extracting most/all of the data from Analytics -- specifically at a visit level, with the visitor_id -- it would be appreciated, too. Thanks!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Jon, I chatted with a couple people internally, and I'm led to believe this might be an issue on our end. If you can create a ticket with customer care and include the exact requests you're using that refuse to cooperate, we can get that to our engineering team for a fix.

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Answers (4)



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Hey Jon,

No matter what Breakdown Fields I used, I get the same error "Invalid Breakdown in Breakdown_List" while using this API:

Is this error misleading or the list is wrong? I tried all combinations I could think of..

Also, I'm an administrator and should have access to all APIs, when I make a call to this API:

I get a message saying "You do not have privileges to perform this operation".

I'm using this call to get the breakdown list for a report suite.

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