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I'm in last touch channel report and brought over orders (to test), clicked on column settings but I'm not seeing Data setting to play with different attribution modeling.

Do you know if I have to create or enable something prior to using this...?

Thanks y'all!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



HI All -

I was having the same issues but found Attribution IQ by going into Workspace and clicking on Templates > Attribution (Image 1).

Once you have selected dimension, metrics, segment and attribution model(s) and the dashboard is built you should be able to click on the gear icon in the Attribution table to play with the attribution setting. (Image 2).

Image 1


Image 2


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Answers (6)



The release notes  indicate that Attribution IQ is available for all customers on the Adobe Analytics Ultimate, Prime, Select, and Foundation SKUs.

My package is "Standard", and I can't seem to find the Attribution IQ settings either.

Maybe this means Attribution IQ is not offered on yours and mine packages?



Thank you mcalliru, this was really helpful. My panels don't have the Attribution, which confirms our hypothesis that it's only available on higher-end packages.

Thank you once more