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Currently seeing anywhere from a 5% - 25% discrepancy in data reported in Adobe Analytics vs. data saved to the app tier of my site. As an example, we have an event that is used to track "submissions" into a program. Each time someone hits "submit" it fires an api call to the app tier that then adds that person to our entry table of the database. However, it would appear our app tier database numbers are much higher than our site catalyst numbers regarding total entries. There are even several consumers who have "submitted" per the data on our app tier, but aren't showing as ever hitting the submit button (event157) in adobe analytics.

Does anyone else notice a discrepancy between your source database and adobe? Any insights into why this may be happening?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Check the configuration of the event in Adobe Analytics Admin >> Report suites >> Select report suite >> Edit settings >> Conversion >> Success events

Check Unique Event recording and check that it is set to Always Record Event if it is anything else, it is possible for the event to be counted only once per visit or once per event ID, so if event ID is duplicated then it is possible that even if it is sent it will not be processed.

If it turns out that it is set to Always Record Event then I would check Adobe ClientCare to extract some raw data and check that the hits are not being excluded for some reasons or the processing is impacted using VISTA rules or processing rules.

It could possibly be linked to your implementation where if you are using custom link tracking and you do not leave enough time for the request to be sent once click on submit.

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