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Can anyone tell me, How do to delete a report suite from Adobe Analytics? I tried to delete it using this article Deleting an Adobe Analytics Report Suite

but I was unable to figure out the location of actions column.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Sri,

It was an interesting question that you have raised. Just for your information there is "No" possible way to delete your report suite ID from the Adobe analytics, rather than you can hide the report suite from the Company Settings if you have Admin privileges. But again make sure those hidden report suites still continue to be collect data and also billed accordingly.

As per the article, that you have linked in the post might be the options from Adobe Target - Adobe Search/Promote product were you can remove or delete the report suite but not from the Adobe Analytics product platform.


Hope I clarify your query!



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Hey Sri,

Practically Adobe Analytics will not allow us to delete the report suite from the tool. Since it is paid and they might have need some count for each report suite with every account/client. So, Just leave and go ahead create the new report suite for now. This was communicated to us by Adobe Customer Support team when we have raised the same question with them.