Adobe Analytics Reporting API Error: report_not_ready



We are using the reporting API for multiple clients to get the data from Adobe Analytics. There is a big problem where for some clients we keep getting "report_not_ready" error after waiting for around 10 minutes. Also, for the same client we make the same requests everyday and on some days it may return the data.


{'reportDescription': {'reportSuiteID': u'client_x', 'metrics': [{'id': 'instances'}, {'id': u'orders'}, {'id': u'revenue'}, {'id': u'visits'}], 'dateGranularity': 'day', 'segments': '', 'dateTo': '2018-08-05', 'dateFrom': '2018-05-01', 'elements': [{'top': 20, 'id': u'lasttouchchannel'}]}}

Response after 10min waiting

{u'error_description': u'Report not ready', u'error_uri': None, u'error': u'report_not_ready'}

1. Is there a way for us to get the report in a timely manner(less than 10min)?

2. Can a client solve the issue with Adobe for their account specifically?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




This wholly depends on the report complexity. If it's a complex API request using multiple breakdowns, metrics, and segments for an extended date range, it is very possible for the request to take longer than 10 minutes.

Your best bet is going to be to either wait a bit longer, or simplify the request so it returns faster. You might also have luck with the v2.0 APIs, which were released last month.

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