Adobe Analytics - Referrers in Report but not in Workspace



i have the problem that referrers are shown in the report suite in AA, like the preconfigured report in Traffic sources => Referrers.

But they are NOT shown at all in Workspace. For example in the Freeform table with dimension referrer. There I only see about four or five (only google entries).

Why is that?

There is an option to click "Try in workspace [NEW]" in the clssic Referrers Report screen.

But if I click there, a freeform table is shown that does not contain the data, shown in the reports table.

This seems to be a bug in Workspace?

cheers Martin

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Martin,

Both issues are related with internal URL filter settings and s_code config.


  1. Internal URL filter needs your site url to be added in it to populate referrer reports.
  2. Others in pages report  happens when image request URLs do not match your internal URL filters for the report suite.
  3. Exit link report will also start populating one you have correct s_code config.


  1. set internal url filter in admin console.
  2. Fix your s_code settings:

          s.trackExternalLinks = true;

          s.linkInternalFilters = “javascript:,”;

More details: Compare s.linkInternalFilters to internal URL filters



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Answers (3)



Hi Asheesh,

hmmm. thanks for the hin, but several things are not yet clear for me.

My Analytics report suite collects data from several sites:, and They call collect data in my main report suite.

From my understanding, if I want to not have any referrers in my report that are from one of those domains, I should add all three domains to my internal filter rule set, right?
But then I loose the ability to get insights about how and if visitors come from, (for example)

That's why I now decided, to not set any internal rule filter for my report suite. Ok, I have "internal referrers" then. But can't I somehow filter them out? Is that bad practice, or what would you recommend?

BUT. When I remove internal url filters (having none), then my tracking for dimension PAGE does not work anymore. All incoming is just "Other".

So in order to make the Metric PAGE work again, I added the default "dot-filter" again (.)

But that means, that all referrers are excluded, as any domains contains a dot

So for me it looks like I can only have one off. Either referrers or Page. Which is a problem for me.

Besides that, how and where can I fix the s_code settings?  I use DTM for implementing Analytics

Thanks for support. Kind regards!




After removing the default (.) in the internal url filter setting of the report suite, Workspace now shows the referrers.

But also the internals. So I added the url of my domain as internal url-filter.
I cannot check, if those changes take effect... Is there a way to test that?

Additionally I now have another problem: In the Page report there occurs now 'Other' ... it is already the most often visited page for today... puh. Any idea?




Hi Marschrode,

Workspace does not include 'current data' whereas the analytics reports may include 'current data'. I found when I tried to replicate the issue you've described the workspace project only matched the Analytics Report if I marked the Analytics Report to not 'include current data.'

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 12.57.47 PM.png

Do the reports match for you if you select 'No' for the 'Include Current Data' option?