Adobe Analytics & Power BI OOB dimensions

madhurc30892467 13-08-2019


We are using the AA connector to get the data in Power BI and I'm not able to see the OOB dimensions for 'Download link, custom & Exit links' in my query. Even after updating the permissions to Admin level, I still don't see the dimensions.



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madhurc30892467 20-08-2019

Hi Arun,

I can confirm that the OOB dimensions are not available when using the AA plug-in in Power BI as we have checked with users who don't have any restrictions in terms of access levels & who works on other accounts.

2) We've been working trying to figure out the solution for users who don't have much technical expertise & can easily use the plug-in or the 'Publish the workbook' using RB query. The first option is fairly easy but due the limitations, we can't do much.

- Even with PRO license, if the Admin of your organization have put some restrictions in terms of service like in our case, we can't publish the work book. So users need to get in touch with their IT teams who manages the Power BI account to open the services & this solution can be used.

Further to this, we are now analyzing if we can schedule the workbook which would automatically also refresh the data in Power BI. With that being said, there might be further limitations like interms of number of queries & the breakdown, but it's good to create smaller dashboards using the RB query.




Dear Madhur,

It would be great if you can post the solution after Adobe Customer Care solve the issue. Would help others while referring this thread.

Much appreciate your inputs!

Thank You,



This you may need to check with PowerBI team if they have such restriction for user account with Admin role to use RBqueries. From Analytics side, once we have connected to Power BI using AA connector, we can extra all report suite data for which permission are granted in Analytics user management.

madhurc30892467 15-08-2019

Hi Hari

Thanks. I have reached out to the client care for my query.

Can you also check & confirm that only an Admin on Power BI can publish the workbook using the RBquery?




It is difficult to comment what could be the reason. It can be report suite configuration or other issue so I would suggest to reach out to Adobe support team via and provide below details in the email so that support team can investigate and share the observation with you.

1. Company Name

2 . Report suite ID

3. Dimension which is not available in power BI