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Our Marketing team has reported the ‘pages’ report does not include the URL for the page. The request was to create a report with the URL so it makes it easier to delete the pages with low traffic for a general cleanup of the website.   The URL is available, but only if you hover over the page name.  We would like the page URL in its own column.

I’m unsure on how to proceed- do you have any suggestions for this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



If you have access to processing rules, you can create a few rules to capture URL without needing to touch your implementation. Attached is a screenshot of what I have set up in processing rules for this, which provides three different versions of URL:

  1. full URL
  2. URL without any query strings appended (this may be most helpful to you)
  3. the path (URL without domain included - useful if you have a mobile version of site with different domain than desktop). Note that page path processing rule fixes Adobe's weird non-standardized way of capturing path (they don't include opening "/" so site home page often doesn't pass any value thus gets excluded)


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Answers (2)




The Pages report displays URL only when nothing is passed in pageName variable as a part of the server call, that is, if pageName is left blank, page URL is used to represent the page name. Or else, the values passed in pageName variable (friendly name of the page that the business recognizes) is captured in Pages report.

There are several parameters collected from the server call sent to Analytics. They are listed in this doc: Data Collection Query Parameters . You can use 'g' parameter that stores URL of the current page. Just utilize a unused custom prop (for instance, prop10) and pass the value of 'g' parameter in it. Once that is done, you can anytime open up prop10 report to get the data as intended, as it would only include URL of the pages.

Hope this helps!