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Hi Team,

I'm a beginner to adobe analytics. I have very basic questions as below: 

what is the difference between Metrics, evars, s.Props and Dimensions elaborate?

Does Evar is not a conversion metric ? what is evar and prop?

How many reports can we download through site catalyst?

Thanks in Advance!



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Hi Bala,

Below are the answers to your questions:

Metrics - A metric is a structure that specifies the type of event data captured in the report (more details -

eVar - The eVar variables are used for building custom reports (for conversion)

prop - Property (prop) variables are used for building custom reports within the Traffic Module

Dimension -  It define as “a component or category of data. Metrics (counts and ratios) are measured across dimensions.” Dimensions can be a variety of attributes such as search engine, country, page, referring domain, date/time, keyword, etc. Dimensions are expressed as textual values. For example, California, Utah, Virginia, and New York would be textual values of the US States dimension

Hope this helps.


-Suhail Parkar