[Adobe Analytics] Importing call centre data into AA?



I'm trying to connect online + offline sources where a quote taken online is converted offline via the call centre. My unifying variable is a Quote ID [available as an eVar]. If I wanted to setup an FTP with just below dimensions and metrics, would this work? Dimensions: Date, Quote ID [existing eVar] Events: Offline conversions [new custom counter event] and Offline Purchase Total [as a new custom currency event]. We don't want to merge the purchase into our e-comm report but rather just show it as a separate event , when we want to analyze. Is the above possible? OR do I need to have everything from the below link? Thanks. https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/analytics/import/data-sources/data-types-and-categories/datas...

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For this use case, you might want to consider using Summary Data Sources.As of now only three types of Data Sources are supported:

1) Full Processing

2) Transaction ID

3) Summary Data

You can simply use specific evars/ props and events to isolate your Offline traffic which you would upload.

Hope this helps.