Adobe Analytics Implementation for Multiple Applications and sending the push notifications




We have multiple applications(web properties) and adobe analytics implementation is in progress. My requirement is to send push notifications of user activity on application to other application's sales team.

For example: Application 'X' is a SalesForce based application used by sales team to schedule and meet the customers. Application 'Y' is used by the customers to explore the products. I would like to track the user's interest/behavior for products on application 'Y' and notify the sales team on application 'X' through push notifications on their mobile. So that the sales people understand the user's interest and can sell the most relevant products/propose a service offering to them by meeting personally or calling them.

I would like to know the possibility of this through Adobe products. If yes, then I would love to know which adobe products to be used and the process to achieve this goal.

Appreciate your valuable suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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