Adobe Analytics Implementation Deliverables

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



To scope analytics deliverable's with Adobe team, try to dig for below queries as a first step:

  • What would be Adobe Analytics contract type.
  • Tag Management System – Is it DTM/ GTM/ Tealium
  • Implementation Method- Server Side/ Client side
  • Whether Site would use first party/third party cookies
  • Other than “Out of the Box” requirements, how many custom requirements should be considered.
  • Number of Dashboards/Reporting sources to be considered
  • Third party tool Integration (CRM, etc) – In Scope or Out Of Scope
  • Whether on Marketing Cloud or just would be using Adobe Analytics
  • Integration between Adobe Analytics and other tools in marketing cloud - In scope or OOS
  • Custom Requirements tracking complexities and number of links (approx.) where tracking would be required
  • Site Structure Type- AJAX/Non-AJAX

Typically, Adobe Analytics Web Analytics team delivers:

  • Out of the box implementation using embed code or legacy code on all global pages of the website
  • Custom requirements related to user acquisition, engagement and conversion
  • Mapping up data layer with analytics code (using data elements and tag management)
  • Solution Design reference, and technical specification documents for reference
  • Dashboards with 360 view of all users.

Refer to below docs for reference:

Adobe Analytics Onboarding resources

Prepare to Implement Analytics

Answers (2)

Answers (2)



Hi Gigazelle,

When we write the statement of work, we mention all our deliverables.

1. The working system with code is the first and obvious deliverable.

2. Technical design document

3. Training document, if any

4. Requirements document of what events to capture.

5. The JS code to be inserted on the web pages

Typically these are the items that we seek feedback and signoff from client.

You are right in that it might vary with the requirements, but there could be a set of typical deliverables.






Hi Rama, "deliverables" is a pretty generic term. Depending on your implementation, it could technically be anything. Do you have any details on anything in particular you're looking for?