Adobe Analytics - DFA Data Connector

serkan_yildizel 04-05-2017

Hi community,

Does anyone have experience with setting up a DFA data connector in Adobe Analytics?
I was particularly interested in having the following questions answered:

  • What are the configuration (or even development) requirements on Doubeclick and Adobe Analytics to set this configuration up? So how much effort is this in terms of time and people/skills required?
  • What are the extent of ad details that can be viewed after the configuration has been set up? So, would the main details of the ad variables be available in reporting?
  • Lastly, how is the support and maintenance on this Data Connector?

Any input, clues and examples/cases about realizing and using the implementation is welcome!



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Løjmann 04-05-2017

Hi Serkan,

Have you read

You will need to deploy some code on your website, to collect data to AA and then you need to setup the Data connector in Analytics. As far as I remember, there are no additional development...

I have seen multiple implementations of this, none of them have a 100% match when looking at DFA numbers inside AA...:(


serkan_yildizel 05-05-2017

Hi Løjmann,

Thanks for this valuable input. I will continue checking out the existing documentation to get more insight in the effort required.
Especially the part where a piece of code needs to be implemented on the website.