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Hi All,

Please help to understand the below from Adobe analytics - Data warehouse/data feed perspective. We need to understand what all the data we can get from Adobe analytics-data warehouse and in which format.

  • Do Adobe Analytics have any fixed layouts in which they send data, if yes how many are they?
  • Do they have any fixed file format like .CSV etc. to send the feed, if yes what all types of format it provides?



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Hi Manish,

For Datafeed check this documentation .

I believe you can set data feeds from the interface now.

For Data Warehouse check this documentation.

Both tools will allow you to extract the raw data but in different format:

  • Data Warehouse: you can select all dimensions (evars, prop etc) and metrics to be displayed in the report. Each dimension column is break down by next dimension column. There is one column per metrics. You can also specify granularity, like hours, daily.
  • Data feed: to put it simply it is literally the raw data as sent, each row is an analytics hit. For data feed there is no limitation and the delivery might be quicker. As it is the raw data, you will have columns with the initial value that you sent, lets say campaign and the processed version of this column post_campaign.
    • Data feed are best suited to feed in a database, and it will require you to do your own processing of the data to get the correct dimensions and metrics. Example: unique visitors

Both can be received via an FTP, but only Data warehouse can be delivered via email if the file is small enough (10 mb I believe).

You can apply segmentation in Data Warehouse where Data feed you can't, it is either all or nothing.

In terms of layout you can customise as you want for both.

Best regards.

Alexis Cazes

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