Adobe analytics API python Request date preset issue

mithileshk26170 10-12-2018

Hi All,

I am using adobe analytics 2.0 API to automate reports using python.

Below is my python request code:-

report_def = ReportDefinition(metrics=['visits','Orders'],

                              dimensions=[{"id":"evar34","top": 500},{"id":"lasttouchchannel","top": 500}],



                             date_to= '2018-12-01',


df1 = download_async(client, report_def, suite_ids=["clues-mapp","clues-msite", "clues-prod"])

Currently i need to manually type the date in the specified format.

Can I use preset dates like today, yesterday or 7 days ago ??

preset dates are available in both report builder and workspace.

Please help here.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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