Adobe Analytics API - how get metrics out of Adobe to send to tableau?



Hey Guys,

currently we are trying to export data via webservice api to push it to a vizualisation tool like tableau or microstrategy.

Unfortunately the description of the Reporting REST API is not clear. I would need a list of REST calls that do the following things:

  1. 1.   Identify a ReportID by a report name
  2. 2.   Get the data of the ReportID (ideally as a CSV)

Has someone a solution for this?

Thank you very much

BR Balázs

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Accepted Solutions (1)




1 - The ReportID that is returned from the Analytics 1.4 Reporting API is a generated ID for the specific instance of a report that was run so there is no way to go from a report name to a specific ReportID.

2 - The following link to the getting started page for the reporintg API will take you to the documentation for how to get the data after running a report. The data is returned in a JSON object.

Analytics Reporting API 1.4 Getting Started:

Other helpful documentation links for running reports:

Report Description:

Analytics Elements:

Analytics Metrics:

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