Adobe Analytics and Power BI data limit workaround?



Hello Adobe Community! I am working on an analysis that requires time data (total seconds spent by a mobile device) I am connecting to Power BI to extract the data. but for some reason, it won't let me extract more than 750 rows of a specific dimension.

When I run a query let say my limit is top 750 whatever dimension can I start back at 751-1500 with the same date range? The reason I am asking is that I'm extracting total seconds spent on device type and it gives me the top seconds for the date range from 750 rows and that won't give me accurate analysis when it comes to time as a whole.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Not sure what the source data is but could you not get usable data in Adobe Analytics by create Avg Time Spent per visit?

You could then segment users by groups 0-30 sec 31-60 61+ etc...

If you ran device type report then you could get site wide averages etc...

Can you explain in more detail the workflow you have and what desired reporting is being targeted?


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Answers (2)



Hey thanks I will give that a try...

My workflow and target for this analysis

I am creating a model in Power BI to help me uncover cross device users.

For example distinguishing from users that only use

Mobile + Tablet

Mobile + Desktop

Mobile + Tablet + Desktop

Desktop + Tablet

And the user's that only use single devices




This part has already been achevied but now I want to get deeper into it and discover

"closed sales conduct x% of their activity on a mobile phone and y% on a desktop and timestamp when the user started using the device and avg time on each device so I know the usage of each device and what was used more in the process "