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New to this forum, would appreciate your help with this issue.

I need to setup analytics data feed to be delivered to SFTP server running on Google Cloud. There is an option to choose SFTP, specify destination host, username, but I do not see an option to specify the RSA key. I can download Adobe RSA key but this key is not accepted by Google VM instance due to format issue. Google accepts username in the end of the RSA key.

How can I use my own RSA key to setup SFTP data feeds from Adobe Analytics to the SFTP server on Google Cloud. I wish just like S3 there was an option for Google Cloud Storage as well to setup Adobe Analytics data feeds.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Umesh,

The public key needs to be that of the server trying to connect. Here it would be the Data Feed server. It has the private key and the public key (RSA / DSA) needs to be in the destination server. 

You cannot place your own key as it would not be of the connecting server. 

Here are your options:

  1. Have the feeds delivered to the Google Cloud Storage using the existing keys (which is apparently not working)
  2. Have the feeds delivered to an Adobe FTP server. Pick the files from there using scripts and push it to the cloud. You can use FTP or SFTP to connect
  3. Ask your Account Manager to engage the Engineering Services. They can build a custom solution to have the file be pushed directly to the cloud using the type of keys acceptable by it.


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