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Hello Team,

I am looking at how to integrate adobe analytics with different application for reporting / graph purpose ? So is there any way where we can connect to analytics from third party web app?  My third party app based in ReactJS / javscript

Do we have any tutorial which shows how can we integrate Adobe analytics with the hep of Adobe analytics API 2.0

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You can definitely use the 2.0 APIs to build a ReactJS/JavaScript app.  Workspace itself is built on the 2.0 APIs and uses React and JavaScript.

The APIs themselves are documented here: GitHub - AdobeDocs/analytics-2.0-apis: Documentation for the Adobe Analytics 2.0 APIs

There was also an introductory lab on them at Summit, which you can find here:  Adobe Summit 2019 | L751 - Explore the New Adob... | Adobe Community

But there is no specific tutorial or documentation regarding usage of the APIs in React/JavaScript. The APIs are HTTPS/REST APIs and can be called from any programming language so Adobe is unlikely to produce language-specific tutorials or guides.

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