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I note that in the OAuth documentation that: 

The default expiry of access tokens is 24 hours. You can refresh an access token without prompting the user for permission again even if a user is not present. The refresh token, by default, expires in 2 weeks.

Is there a way to change the default expiration for the refresh token? In addition, is there any way to request a new refresh token without re-authenticating? I'm wondering if there is any way for an application to use the OAuth flow for longer than 2 weeks or if there is simply no way to use OAuth if the application should persist for more than 2 weeks.  In addition, I don't see any information about how long the JWT authentication persists for.  How long does JWT authentication persist for?

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Hi @clownfish2 ,

You will need to programmatically refresh these tokens through some custom code. There isn't a standard code or script available to refresh the tokens. Further, the expiration of JWT token can be set to 24 hours, at max, and the expiry of the access token is 24 hours, by default and it can't be changed.

Thank you!