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Dear Experts,

I am working in our company to provide a ingestion solution to get the Adobe Analytic data in to our cloud env. We explore the Adobe Export Guide, but not really understand how the whole thing works.

Our business has requested an Adobe hosted FTP account which used to temporarily store the reports. And we also set up FTP server to pull the report from the Adobe FTP server. We would like to make sure our understand is correct:

1. Push Delivery - my understanding is Adobe loads the reports to the Adobe server (in which we had our account set up) , then via Data Feed as a pull delivery, those reports can be sent to our company server endpoint ?

2. Pull Delivery - We (our server) can connect to the Adobe server directly to get the report whenever we need ? But in this case, is that different folders in the Adobe server holds different report suite ? If not, how can we choose what kind of report suite we need ?


Thank you very much for your support here.




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Lxlxie,

It is a Push Delivery. There are FTP, sFTP, S3 and Azure Blob options available in Data Feed. Also, Data Feed is based on the Report Suite that has to be configured at the Data Feed Interface. 

Video Link for your reference: Data Feed

Thank You, Arun.

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