Adobe analytic API : Getting data without token ?

stevenl35460486 03-06-2019

Hello Everyone,

I try to pull data through an adobe analytic API without using token because my client did not subscribe to an abonnment so I can't get a token.


I followed some tutorials and i'm stucked at this step...

I would like to use my id and password only to get the data from the API.

My wish is to get all the data I want, quickly with python code.

Is there a way to have what I want ?

Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards


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I guess you just need a "product profile permission" to access the desired tokens. as long as your client has adobe analytics, he should be able to give you the desired permissions. I don't know of any other way (with python) to access the new API.

remark: if you want to use the old API 1.4 you need "web service access" to get your access credentials.