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Hi all,

We are currently trying to add targets of unique visitors into a workspace project.

Within this project we would like to visualize a table that compares the actuals with budget and forecast data within a freeform table. Basically the instruction of how to add new targets is pretty simple and everything worked out fine but we are not able to include the data within the project. We assumed that we have to add a new component such as dimension, segment or metric but couldn't find a way to add the targets. Neither by looking for the name nor by the keyword "target". Is there any possibility to include that kind of data directly or by using a workaround? 

Would be great if anybody who also experienced this issue can help me out 🙂

Thanks a lot!


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Accepted Solutions (1)



To do this, you'd probably have to use DATA SOURCES and import metrics for your Unique Visitor goals each day and then compare them to actuals in Analysis Workspace...

Adam Greco

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Are there any plans to integrate setting targets within Workspace, or is there any other way of getting comparisons against targets when access to DATA SOURCES is prohibited?