Adding backdated data with timestamp parameter



Does anyone know if there is a certain window of time that a backdated GET tracking request (with the t parameter updated accordingly) has to be made within in order for it to be processed correctly?

I have tried this method to re-inject a few rows from around 1 month prior - yet the data only gets processed for the day that the hit is received.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Per your description, it won't work.

The timestamp parameter is ts. So for it to work you need:

  • To put a correct timestamp value in ts parameter
  • Make sure your report suite is at least timestamp optional (means that both manually timestamped hits and non timestamped hits can be processed) or timestamp enabled (only manually timestamped hits will be processed).

I would advise you to look at data insertion API

Also make sure that visitor id is the same.

And no there should not be a window as far as I know.