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Hello everyone! My team is trying to identify the behavior of visitors both before and after a purchase on our website-- beyond just the buying visit. Using Ad-Hoc, we want to create a segment which excludes all behavior prior to the purchase and another that would exclude all behavior after the purchase, Additionally, we'd like to exclude "click-back" traffic after the purchase (the best I can). Ultimately, we'd like to be able to say we had "X Purchasers in (date range), of those X purchasers, Y returned to the site during (date range) and here is the top content/pages/products/etc they viewed/bought/etc." After which, we'd like to compare that behavior to the Pre-Purchase behavior. The trouble is we are struggling to create a segment we are confident provides us the most reliable results. 

We have tried it a couple ways with the following be as close as we can get it:

Previous Page = Confirmation Page


Order exists 

Any suggestions? 

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Matt,

Welcome to the Analytics Community!

In your case, the first thing striking me that can solve part of your problem is the Cohort Analytics in Analysis Workspace. You can easily spot changes in trends, then respond accordingly. The cohort in your case would be all visitors with Purchase>=1 with the return metric as Visits >=1. 

You can explore more on Cohort in this documentation and see if it would work for you -


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