Ad Hoc Analysis to FTP

alyssaf70800843 24-04-2018

I have been trying to setup sending reports to an FTP server, but nothing appears to be showing up.  I have tested the credentials, whitelisted the IP blocks, the status bar says "Sent!", and the Ad Hoc log doesn't indicate any problems - but I am not seeing the files on my server.

Does it take a while to send? I'm struggling to see if there is a problem with how I am setting it up, or something else.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


If you're able to log in to the FTP site and create a blank text file on the server, the tool should also be able to create a scheduled report.

This might be one to send to Customer Care. Provide them with the login company, user, project name, and FTP credentials. The agent should be able to troubleshoot from there.

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Answers (4)


Hi Alyssa, are you able to log in to the FTP site using the credentials you have via WIndows Explorer, and create an empty text file on the FTP site? Between all those actions, there should be no issues getting a report scheduled.

alyssaf70800843 24-04-2018


Thank you for your help.  The system does not allow me to continue if I leave the port blank.  I am using FTP (not sFTP) and tried using the full FTP URL to no avail.

refergusonclt 24-04-2018

A couple of things to try:

When sending to FTP via Ad Hoc...

  1. Try using the full FTP address:
  2. Try leaving the port number empty

For SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), all the information you need is here: Secure File Transfer Protocol

When sending to SFTP via Ad Hoc/Data Warehouse, you will have to have the authorized_keys file in the ...

  1. Per Adobe's instructions found here ( you need to obtain the authorized_keys file which is in the .ssh directory within the root directory of the user you log in with
  2. To obtain the authorized_keys file, you have to send a request to Client Care via one of your organization's supported users
  3. Adobe will probably send back two files: (1) authorized_keys_RSA.txt and (2) authorized_keys_DSA.txt
  4. Use the RSA file but save it as a file, not as a .txt file naming it "authorized_keys"
  5. After this file is obtained, log in to the FTP site under the same credentials that are used for the Data Warehouse request.
  6. In the root directory, navigate to the folder named .ssh (if one does not exist, create one) and place the authorized_keys file there.

Hope this helps,

-Rob Ferguson