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Anyone had any experience with ad blockers preventing data from getting collected and/or image firing properly? If yes are there any workarounds I can implement or at least capture the fact a blocking did occur?

I am using DTM to implement Adobe Analytics and am able to only change name of tracking object which I have done. We are using the Akamai hosted solution for the _satellite library.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




My thoughts:

Most ad blockers out there are not blocking DTM by default, but it's very much a cat-and-mouse game.

If a visitor has proactively chosen to block DTM/Adobe Analytics, I'm personally of the opinion that if someone doesn't want to be tracked, we shouldn't be tracking them with workarounds. However, if you're looking to track whether or not someone has an ad blocker enabled (but not DTM/Adobe Analytics blocked), then there are some good tips out there for doing so. The standard seems to be going about it like this: Detect Adblock - Most effective way to detect ad blockers (which is similar to the content that Jeff shared from Julien's blog).

Regarding what is blocked, here's the "EasyList" of ad blocks, which is usually the default ad blocking list. You'll notice there's no reference to DTM, Satellite, or Adobe Analytics:

Hope that (plus the tips from Løjmann​) are helpful!