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I have Activity Map enabled for my report suite. When I am testing the link tracking. I can see activity map data of link clicked in the immediate pageload. Now in my analytics implementation I have written some click event DTM rules which trigger the image request just after click on some links.

In IE (internet explorer) during my testing when I click on such link, activity map data is sent in the image request ( request) and also this activity map data is sent during the immediate pageoad (happens after link click) image request. The issue is the link nane report shows double count for every such link when in case of IE but for Chrome it shows proper count, i.e. if the link is "abc" clicked 5 times the links name report shows 10 instances if done from IE and shows 5 instances if done from Chrome (which is correct).

Please let me know why it is happening and what is the solution to fix the problem for IE.

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Data collection should still work for IE 11, I know Adobe stopped support the plugin for IE 11.

How Activity Map Works.

When the Activity Map module is loaded on the page it scans the DOM for any links on the page and gathers the following data.

  • page
  • link
  • region

These values are passed into a cookie when something is clicked, then sent once an image request is sent.

So if that cookie is being set while in IE 11 when the is clicked this cookie might not be cleared out in time or cleared out at all.

I would check the s_sq cookie to see if this is the case.


Steven Hofheins | Adobe Support