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Hi guys,

We're trying to configure activity map with s_objectIDs to distinguish between links that are being treated as the same one by activity map. However, when we add the s_objectID parameter the bubble overlay stops appearing in the activity map visualization plug in. What should we do? The link is being tracked and I can see the s_objectID denomination in report & analytics, it just doesn't show up in the page visualization.

Thanks in advance,

Inês Correia

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Answers (6)



We are having the same problem with s_objectID and the overlay plugin.

In addition to this, in the 'Links On Page' report (click the little eye icon on the activity map window) all standard links after the last s_objectID seem to inherit the linkID from that last s_objectID reference rather than using the normal anchor IDs / text.

So. Whilst the s_objectID appears to be working in normal analytics reporting, the presentation in the bubble overlay and 'Links On Page' report do not seem to work properly.

This Adobe documentation suggests using s_objectID in exactly this way to resolve numerous issues.

So what is not possible?

Using the s_objectID as recommended by Adobe?

Or fixing a bug in the overlay plugin?



Typically you would have a dev add an "ID=xxxx"or tweak a class, to a link or button.

Take a look at activity map report

Region by link.

Then look at your Markup code to see where its being picked up from to allow you try and customize it. Once customized this would allow you see 3 similar coded links as:

URL link1

URL link2

URL link3

This would then visually separate them for use in Activity map report. The challenge is often developers use code for common elements and alike links and buttons which have multiple versions, then activity map treats it as 1 result. In this case you need to modify the code to make them separate.

The other option is to use call, and create custom link reporting. The caveat is its not visible in Activity map.



If it's done that way does it show up visually with the plug in? My team doesn't have freedom to edit IDs at this point, we can only change the onclick parameter. This is why we opted for the s_objectID solution



What if instead you just added some unique IDs or region info to each of the links? Then if you have 3 columns with the same link and appended a unique ID to each, it could differentiate. Then no custom coding needed.