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I have few questions about activity map:

1. I noticed that once I activate the activity map on the browser, then in the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger window, under the Analytics section, I got a lot of service calls:

-nuanceprod ( this is our report suite, as expected )

-omniture.clickmap ( a lot of service calls from here)




Very quickly, I got a lot of service calls.

     First of all, I don't know why we have all of those service calls?

     Second, I want to make sure we won't get charged for all of those service calls.

     Last, I want to know what are those calls for.

2. Then another thing is, I noticed that w/o activity map activate on the browser, all the activity map data was sent to server through the image calls ( I can see the data in the debugger window ). But once I enable the activity map on the browser, then I can not see the activity map data send in the image call any more. I want to make sure the data was still sent.  If it is still sent, anyone knows how?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Cathy,

The calls sent to the report suites mentioned below are sent from either Reports & Analytics pages or through Activity Map tool to track usage of the tool:

- omniture.clickmap



- adbims

- adbadobenonacdcprod


- amchelp

These calls are not sent to your report suites and are internal to Adobe. Hence, these are billed to companies internal to Adobe and not to your company.

Regarding the issue 2. the Activity Map data is not sent when Activity Map tool is opened. The Activity Map data is also not tracked while it is open. Once you close it, Adobe starts tracking Activity Map data.

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