Activity Map- Link Tracking Methodology



Hi everyone,

I wanted to used Link Action instead of innertext. to identify the links on the page. Does anyone know how should I proceed?

Thanks for your help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Raymod,

There are foloowing reasons Adobe uses InnerText versus using Link Action (URL)

Some of the issues you might run into when using Link Action are:

  • having two or more distinct links with the same ID
  • readability of the link
  • one link with multiple actions (depending on the device where you are viewing the link)

As a result, Adobe uses InnerText with these benefits over using Link Action (URL):

  • It is a good representation of the Link identity. It is not common to have multiple links with the same text.
  • It ensures consistency across devices and browser types.
  • It is not affected by a link repositioning on the page.
  • It improves readability, so users can start analyzing Link tracking reports outside Activity Map

If you still want to go for it, you can do this by using s_objectID in each link. syntax s_objectID="unique_id". e.g.

<a href="" onClick="s_objectID='top left 1';">Article 559</a>

<a href="" onClick="s_objectID='prod 123789 home page';">Home</a>

Alternatively, you can customize link function to include in the AppMeasurement ActivityMap Module file in modified form. e.g. = function(ele,linkName){


return linkName;



if(ele.tagName == 'A' && ele.href){

return ele.href;