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I noticed that a few of my page links are not being counted or reported in activity map even though they meet the requirements.

Based on the activity map documentation:

  • an href anchor tag is tracked out-of-the-box
  • and I added the onClick for s_objectID to make it unique from the other identical link IDs

<div> <a href="" class="launchApp phone-hide" onClick="s_objectID='Green Infrastructure Model for ArcGIS Desktop'" target="_blank">View More <span class="icon-ui-link-external"></span></a> <a href="#" data-modal="viewinDesktop" class="js-modal-toggle phone-show launchApp">View More <span class="icon-ui-link-external"></span></a> </div>

am I missing something?

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Typically if you don't see overlays or overlays without data the following issues come to mind.

First, let me explain this--

Activity Map when the plugin is run it scans the dom for all of the links for the following information (page, region, link)This is how it knows where to place the overlay and do the rankings.

1. If for any reason you are passing different data (via a javaScript fx) as Activity Map data than what is scanned when the plugin is run you won't have overlays or ranked overlays.

2. If page, region, link are the same or if region and link are the same it won't be able to identify where to put the overlays and put them all over the same one.

You can check this by pulling up the network tab in dev tools in your browser.

filter by b/ss

click the links and view the image request

here you should see activity map data

3. If this is a new implementation you may be seeing data show up now. If this was barely implemented at the point of running the plugin you won't have any historical data to have the overlays to show up.

If this is still an issue after this please open a client care ticket by emailing:

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Steven Hofheins | Adobe Support

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