Activity Map for non-links?





I have implemented activityMap link, region etc for links, Cta's etc. Ref doc: 

The use case I am trying to work on is to get activityMap link, region for non-links, for example FAQ's which have expand and collapse option. I'd like to fire activityMap link, region on click of FAQ expand and collapse to better understand the user experience. 



I tried to update html and also by using function, none of them worked. So, I am wondering if activityMap applies only for links? Has anyone encountered such a use case? How can I populate the FAQ clicks in Analytics? 


Thanks in advance for suggestions. 

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Answers (1)



This is something I've been working on as well.


So far what I've discovered that if the element is a "standard" clickable element (ie. link or a button) I have added code to make it work. If the developers do something silly like make a JS clickable span or div (which is just plain bad usability to start with) then it won't work.


In your case I can see that these are in fact a tags, so IF you were to add click tracking to the anchors, it "should" work... but it might need a little tweaking?


I don't see any analytics on your template yet, so it might be hard to see what is happening, but I'd be happy to try and help you out.