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We see a great upside in being able to share with a group rather than individual users. When a person is new in a team we can just add that person to the Team Group and all segments, projects etc. are immediately accessible to that person. This ensures that standard segments, calculated metrics etc are easily shared within a team which for us mean better data quality and time savings. However, annoying is that only an admin can share with a group, whereas all other users can only share with individuals. Admin is a very high access level and we cannot grant this type of access to one person per team. That makes sharing difficult. We suggest that everyone should be able to share within YOUR OWN TEAM. Or alternatively, that "sharing to group" should be a function that can be added to certain users in the admin console.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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You can give certain individuals rights to curate and share projects in Workspace. In the User management section you would have to add them in the 'Create/Curate Projects in Analysis Workspace' permission group. Attaching an Image for reference. 


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